Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ultima 15 Ashtray

Some days ago I was reading an article about the venerable English company Alfred Dunhill, and someone noted in the commentary that he couldn't understand, why a company like that would ever sell pipes and other smoking accessories in our modern times. Apparently the guy was totally unaware of the fact that pipes and the likes are an integral part of Alfred Dunhills history
It made me think about times when smoking was the norm and really cool smoking paraphernalia like lighters from Dupont, Dunhill, Ronson or Zippo were still something every dapper man would carry around.

The Ultima 15 ashtray is a beautiful design classic of the 70s, and was designed by the Swedish design duo Holger Bäckström and Bo Ljungberg. Obviously these were made in a time when there was a demand for ashtrays, but today with a declining demand for ashtrays I think the Ultima 15 ashtray can be appreciated by smokers and non-smokers alike. 


  1. I must admit, I really like the idea of collecting lighters, and some of the older designs are really quite little miracles of engineering. I often admire my Grandfathers old lighters, and a couple of my own too. Though the only use they get is to light the occasional candle.

  2. After I lost my zippo (heirloom), and my Ronson (thrift find) stopped working, I decided to use disposable BIC lighters. They're made in France and light the first time.

    Which lighters do you and/or your grandfather have?

  3. Sorry to hear of the loss of the zippo, that must have been very upsetting indeed.
    I have a few, a couple of Ronsons bought from Ebay, and a nice Dunhill Rollagas (swiss made) also from Ebay (although it has a small leak). My grandfathers lighters I have are very similar to the Ronsons, with the cap that lifts as you push the button, but from memory are Japanese made. I shall look up the brand later when I am home.
    Haha yes, the BICs seem to do a very good job, truth be told.