Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Rifle Sling Belt

I remember, when I first read the post about the Riffle Sling belt on one of my favourite blogs, The Trad. I remember immediately thinking that I should start looking for the hardware needed for that belt and so a search started and after some time I finally managed to track down the hook that makes up for the buckle on the belt.

The claw or the hook was originally used on the Springfield rifle sling and at some point someone turned it into a very nice belt. As it's mentioned on the Trad LL Bean offered the belt, and I do believe that it was made by Bianchi Leathers for LL Bean, as I remember seeing a belt that carried both names. No matter what it makes for a classic and casual, albeit a bit unusual, belt.

Currently there are some companies offering this belt. 

If I weren't making my own, I would be ordering from Narragansett Leathers

Furthermore a more modern brand such as BillyKirk is also offering their version, but I'm not sure what I think about the look of the claw.

When I start making my own version, I'll of course try to keep you updated.

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