Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Frederico Polidori - Leather Craftsman

The Italian leather craftsman, Frederico Polidori, was someone, whom I had heard mentions of on some leatherworking forums. Apparently he's incredible talented when it comes to constructing handmade bags. That's why I was very pleased to see more of his work featured on ACL, when he visited Polidori's workshop in Rome some time ago. His style is very nice, albeit I'll never be a fan of tooling or the obvious Wild West influences.

Very recently I was looking to pick up some ideas from his beautiful bags when I stumbled upon this short video of him and I just had to share. Mostly because I just love his gestures and mostly his facial expression. It reminds me of the Italians, I know. Some of them have the most amazing ways of saying everything with a simple nod.


  1. He gives us something to shoot for, doesn't he? I hope I can be close to Polidori's level when I am his age.

  2. I think he does, but his work isn't flawless. At all. But nothing good is really flawless in my opinion. But he does some really nice stuff. I wish I could construct his bags.