Thursday, July 12, 2012

Worth a Listen - Donnie & Joe Emerson

This post could might as well be called "On the Subject of Parental Love", as I've been thinking quite a lot about it lately. Possibly due to the fact that my parents have always shown me so much support and especially in recent times. When I was younger, I would have all these obsessions, for instance like finding and collecting fossils. At some point my parents took me to this big limestone quarry, which was situated in the other end of Denmark and they would spend a day with me, just digging away for fossils. I could go on and on with stories like this.

This summer I've been listening to this song "Baby" by Donnie & Joe Emerson A LOT. It's not a new song, as it was released back in 1979, however it still sounds fresh and relevant. Back in the day no one took notice of this record despite it's obvious qualities, but I guess the music business is like that. Some things just aren't recognised in its time, but is left for future generations to appreciate.

If you're still reading here's the connection to the introduction. Donnie & Joe were supported massively by their parents, who funded, what at the time was a really good studio in the middle of nowhere for their sons to practice and record. They spent a fortune on it. It never really paid off in the sense of making any money on it, however the amazing record "Dreamin' Wild" was released.

So instead of me using up more words, I suggest you spend a good 7 minutes watching this little documentary on the whole project. It's heartwarming.

Oh, and mom, happy birthday.

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