Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vans From The Archives

When the sun starts shining, you see a pair of Vans popping up everywhere. No matter where you look, there's always someone wearing a pair. And I totally get that. They're very wearable and they look effortlessly good. However I try not to support off-shore production, so I would probably never wear them myself, although some of the ones, I've seen from the Van Doren collection, look really tempting.

I would however wear some vintage Vans, as they look so much better than most of the new ones and as far as I'm told by sneaker collectors, they're also a lot better.

Are they "Made by Hand in Bangladesh" now?


  1. I've been looking quite a bit for some US made Authentics but haven't found any in my size yet that I've liked.

    I bought a pair of US made Jack Purcell's for 30 euros in Paris last week. They've never been worn but I don't know exactly when they're made. My guess is the 90s, but I'm not sure.

  2. Yeah, I've been looking and I've given up. I'll stick to Nylites (though they're produced in the Far East as well)..

    Congrats on the US Made Purcells and deadstock even doesn't hurt. At 30 euros it sounds like a pretty good bargain! Good luck rocking them (which is totally easy, as Purcell is one of the ultimate summer sneakers, if you ask me)

    As always, thanks for commenting.