Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fred Perry M12 Polo - Made in England

A good polo shirt is an essential piece of any man's wardrobe. Now there are some good options of the market, but not nearly enough. Especially if you want the classics. Of course you have the iconic Lacoste, but nowadays they're not even made in Europe - at least not the most recent ones I've seen. You also have the ones from Ralph Lauren, but they're made in the Far East. Sunspel makes some descent polo, but I'm not even sure that they're made in England any longer and in my opinion a polo should be made in a somewhat sturdy pique.

But then we have Fred Perry. Most Fred Perry is not interesting at all - Poor quality and made a long way from England. However they still make some polos in England and from my experience they're very good, unfortunately not that many retailers offer the Made in England version. It does have some skinhead and mod connotations, but there's no doubt about its anglo iconic status and in my opinion it would go well with so many things. I'm definitely adding a new M12 to my wishlist for the summer.

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