Friday, June 15, 2012

Supreme x Daniel Johnston

I'm by no means infatuated with Supreme, but I am infatuated with Daniel Johnston. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Supreme as a brand and I'm amazed by the way, that they've built their business. But I've never owned anything by Supreme and never really thought, that I would. Still this could very well change now.

None of the t-shirts bear the characteristic and iconic "Hi, how are you?" print, that was popularized by the late Kurt Cobain, but the prints are still recognisably Daniel Johnston-esque and that's really, what sets them apart from any random printed t-shirt. Fans of Daniel Johnston will recognise some of his typical cartoonish motives like Captain America, the religious symbols, the (actual and physical) fight between good and evil, the monster with multiple eyes and so on.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the documentary on Daniel Johnston called "The Devil and Daniel Johnston", I suggest, that you do so right away. It'll give you a better understanding and appreciation of Daniel Johnston as a musician and as an artist.

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