Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Workers - March

Takashi Tateno's Workers brand of Japan puts out a nice assortment of clothing every month. Normally it's slightly too workwear inspired for my liking, although always very well put together and simply just great, but this month it was a instant hit for me.

Highlights include the button down (it might be chambray or  voile or some other fabric. It could also be just a slubby oxford cotton) shirt. The triple stitch and bar tacking gives the shirt a rugged appeal, and the button down and locker loop gives makes a bit more classic and the irregularities in the weave give the shirt some character.

The tool bag is another nice feature of this mini-collection. Although I a bit crude workmanship on the leather, I'm sure it'll do it's job well.

There are two configurations of the "baker" shorts. Both of them are beautiful, but I would go for the more classic edition in military green cotton sateen. It ages well, just like a pair of fatigue pants.

To top it all they put some nice looks together.

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