Saturday, March 3, 2012

Want - Crockett & Jones Boston

This spring and summer I want to be wearing loafers, penny loafers to be exact, and I want to be wearing them sockless - or perhaps with white socks. I have been looking for the right pair for a long time. Of course I would prefer some in shell cordovan, but I also want them with a rubber sole because I'm not the biggest fan of leather soles - don't ask me why.
I considered the iconic Alden loafer, but they almost always come with a leather sole. I then thought about the "Howard" model by Cheaney, which I still haven't written off, but I always seem to be ending up where I started, the Boston model by Crockett & Jones. Crockett & Jones makes some of the best footwear in the world and it's a of a consistent high quality. I just wish they would make their Harvard (unlined shell cordovan) with a Dainite sole. They probably would, but then it would be a custom order, which my budget doesn't allow at the moment.

If you don't believe me, then take Heavy Tweed Jacket's word for it.


  1. Those are some seriously nice loafers indeed!!

  2. I think, that they're definitely up there among the very best options. JM Weston is also good

  3. Ah yes you're certainly right, I have looked at JM Weston's in Paris and near Savile Row in London too. Very nice indeed!
    Edward Green have some nice models too from memory, and maybe John Lobb (the Prada owned part, as oposed to the very high end bepsoke Lobbs - which are amazing, but totally different price range haha).

  4. Lobb is definitely more than able to create some good loafers, but they tend to run a bit too sleek for my liking.

    There's a very interesting Scandinavian option too (loafers are originally Norwegian), but at this time I would rather not say too much of a number of reasons.

  5. That sounds very interesting, I shall await to here more.