Thursday, April 18, 2013

How a Kelly Bag Is Made at The Hermés Atelier

In terms of fashion houses Hermés really stands out. They have their own atelier and they really seem to care about quality and craftsmanship. For instance I recently read that they bought the majority of the of well-renowned French Tannery, Tannerie d'Annonay, in order to secure enough high quality leathers for their bags and leather goods. That's dedication to quality. I also think Hermés could also very well be the one of the only luxury goods companies that still use saddle stitching to some degree.

Some time ago, a rather long time ago, I came across this in-depth series of photographs from the Hermés Atelier depicting, how their iconic Kelly Bag is made and showing the steps that it involves. Plus it puts a face to the people that make and create. And personally I just like looking at the leather tools that they use, which are most likely all made by the venerable French company, Blanchard.

I would like to link to the photographer, who took the pictures, however I can't find the link and I've been unable to find the website, where I found the pictures.


  1. Great post.
    Really puts my own "skills", if you can call them that, into perspective. That is, now I feel like I have none haha!

  2. Monsieur C: You're very welcome.

    Christopher: Don't be discouraged, man. Keep in mind that they die cut everything, which means basically everything fits together every time. Furthermore they have a lot of machinery at hand - like sewing machines, skiving machines and what not.
    If it makes you feel any better, I would rather own one of your bags times a million.