Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stephen Kenn Furniture

I just came across this sofa and I feel that I could easily become quite obsessed with it.

It even comes with a great video. However I find a bit too sentimental, so I turned down the volume, but I turned it to full screen, when I saw the warehouse he entered (spoiler allert - Wow...)


  1. I'm glad you mentioned the overly-sentimental quality of the video.

    I've long been considering working on a video to show people what I do, but I've seen so many of these maker mini-documentaries now that I'm horrified that whatever I make might end up feeling as cookie-cutter-romanticized as this.

  2. Hi Nick, thanks for chipping in.

    Hahaha :-) I'll hopefully be making a video soon. It's just such a great format to introduce people to a subject and give people and idea of how much work you put into something (like working with leather for instance)
    But it's like, some people don't think that it's enough. Just showing how something is made. I mean, I get super worked up, when I see someone from Hermes handsewing leather or Roy making a pair of jeans on his nice machines. And their videos aren't filled with this pathetic nonsense.
    So I've been thinking about just making a video with me making something and then just silence. Nice and quiet.