Monday, November 19, 2012

Tory Leather - Hoof Pick Belt

It may seem strange, that I make leather goods myself, and still advocate for other makers, but I think it's all about making educated choices, when it comes to purchasing any sort of goods. That means deciding between different options based on your own knowledge and preferences, while taking other people's opinion into consideration.

Tory Leather belts are made in the USA of quite good materials. The leather is bridle leather and the hardware seems solid enough, although I don't think it's a solid brass belt buckle, as my own personal belt lost its golden brass luster and now looks like a nickle/steel buckle. But the belt itself is flawlessly made, albeit you definitely feel that it's not a handmade belt. What I like about it, is definitely the equestrian influence. The buckle is actually a foldable hoof pick (for cleaning the horse's hoof) which is used in a quite clever way. 

But here comes the very best part; It's cheap. It's actually dirt cheap. You can pick it up some places for around $40. So if you're on a budget, this is a good deal for a casual belt.

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