Thursday, October 11, 2012

Livid Jeans

Denim culture in Norway used to be as poor as it is in Denmark, but then along came Jens Olav Dankertsen of Livid Jeans and changed that. Sweden is still without a doubt the leading country, but Denmark is now bordering pathetic, although Thomas Bojer of Denimhunters is doing, what he can to change things.

Livid Jeans recently put out this little video, and I can't believe, I haven't shared it yet, as it's very nice and I should be showing more support to my Scandinavian brethren. I won't write more about it, as I think, you'll more out of just listening the Jens Olav speak. I like the fact, that he speaks his mother tongue instead of doing it in English. It makes it seem more real and relevant to me.