Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marbles Match Safe

I love stumbling upon great little products, that have a great story, a great design and a great functionality. I found all three things, when I stumbled upon the Match Safe by Marbles (founded in 1887 in Michigan) some weeks ago. It sort of reminded me to keep searching for good products. They might not be readily available, but if you look for them, they can still be found and that was one of the things that initially made me start blogging.

This small canister is made to keep your matches dry, safe and ready for when you might need them (or just to keep them in a better looking container, that a regular matchbox). The MR150 as it's also named is made  of nickel plated brass to exact specifications of their original 1900 patent. However some suggest that the quality isn't on par with the original or rather vintage ones, but then again what is nowadays?

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