Thursday, January 12, 2012

Recent Purchase - Loake Bakewell

Damn order got cancelled. I love shops, that don't manage their stock very well.

I have basically stuck to my non-shopping promise, that I made, when I purchased a rather expensive pair of Viberg Oxfords. This has been rather boring in terms of blogging, but personally it has been a pleasure actually. I have a very big wardrobe as is, so I haven't really felt the need for any new purchases, although the sale has had some nice offerings, that were very tempting. 

But when I came across this model from Loake called "Bakewell" online at a great price, I couldn't help but pull the trigger. I'm not entirely impressed by Loake as a brand, but I have seen some shoes and boots from their "1880 line" and they have all been of a rather good quality. They aren't Crockett&Jones, Tricker's or Edward Green quality, but they are also a lot less expensive. The "1880 line" is still made in Northampton, England, which matters a whole lot to me.

Hopefully these shoes will fill a void, that I have in my wardrobe for a pair of casual, non-moc toe, non-workwear, oxfords, that I can wear all year round. And of course also wear with jeans. A pair of kickers basically. Furthermore I have rather wide feet, so the G-width of these shoes will hopefully fit me really well, and I'm keeping my finger's crossed tightly, that the leather is of a somewhat decent quality. If the quality is just above mediocre, I'll be thrilled.

I'll of course try to give an in-depth impression on them and pictures to boot, once I finally receive them. Hopefully this experiment will turn out successful.

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