Thursday, September 8, 2011

One Month of Denim - Day 8

Our neighbouring country, Sweden, seem to be more into denim, than we are in Denmark. That is unfortunately a fact. They have Indigofera, Nudie, Acne Jeans, Pace and Denim Demon for instance. Personally I don't find any of them too interesting, but they are all putting out denim related goods and jeans. What I do however find very interesting is the Blue Highway project by the two Luhanko brothers, Hampus and Douglas.

I followed their blog from the very beginning and tried to recommend interesting jeans on eBay to them because that was their main purpose to begin with. They collected vintage denim and they showed their finds on the blog. This created a wonderful gallery of vintage denim artifacts from the three big ones and from smaller, lesser-known brands.
A couple of years later they started making jeans, and things got even more exciting. Later on we have followed them on trips to America (with Michael Harris), when their jeans went on a world tour, how their jeans evolved both in quality and how they faded and how their range of products has been getting bigger with more products and collaborations. The highlight so far has been the joint venture with a shop called Sivletto, when they opened a collaborative store called Unionville in Stockholm. This store carries some of the most interesting work wear and denim related goods from Lofgren, Mister Freedom and Ironheart - to mention a few - and it also has a workspace on the shop floor. It all looks very interesting and you get the feeling that they really care about what they do.
In my opinion they could go from strength to strength. If they get the right machinery and a steady source of great denim, they could be competing with some of the very best Japanese makers. 

You can see examples on their denim - on Denim Archive here, but I urge you to follow them on their blog, on Unionville and on Facebook.

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