Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mr Mudd and Mr Gold

Before you start reading, you should probably bookmark this shop under a new folder called "people doing it right!" I will continuously be adding more shops to that list, as we get on.

I sometimes find myself secretly wanting to be Swedish - only in brief moments though, but it does happen. It happens when I listen to the music of Håkan Hellström of whom I have very fond memories from my adolescent and it reminds me of my best friend. Secondly the Swedes seem way more into denim on a geeky level in Sweden - Just check out the brothers Luhanko of Blue Highway and now Unionville. And as I was writing this, the great tannery Tärnsjö came to mind. Tärnsjö makes vegetable tanned leather of a rather good quality. Hopefully I'll make a pilgrimage to Tärnsjö real soon and I'll bring some leather home.

What made me commence this rant, was the shop Mr Mudd and Mr Gold. It is just perfect. What makes it perfect could be the fact that it sells hard-to-get Japan-only products, it could also be the nice assortment of vintage garments, it could also be the wide variety of knives or it could be the rather silly, but just right items like the Messograf pen (which isn't a really good pen, but it is one of the most original and fun pens ever made).
I guess you just have to say that the guys behind Mr Mudd and Mr Gold are great at creating and curating a mix of interesting, beautiful, well-made, rugged and just plain good objects.

Hopefully some Danish shops will take notice and even learn from our neighbours.

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